VR Software Development

We enable clients industry-wide adopt VR/AR technologies – to streamline processes, increase productivity and deliver pioneering training and service.

We Will Help You

Create ‘wow’ consumer engagements

We’ll help you deliver innovative ‘try before you buy’ services, allowing your customers to realistically demo your products before committing to a purchase. This cements brand integrity, builds trust and, in turn, boosts sales

Unify and automate your business

Our VR, AR and MR solutions enable remote, hands-free working and real-time collaborations, improving team efficiency across geographically diverse locations. We’ll help you automate workflows in trading, assembly, inventory and logistics – enabling you to streamline daily tasks and deliver your service more efficiently.

Cut production timings and costs

ELEKS’ VR/AR/MR technologies can augment your manufacturing processes, allowing you to test the suitability of new parts – pre-construction – allocate equipment to the best locations and tweak product designs in real-time virtual environments. Helping you reduce mis-steps and profit losses.

Build augmented workplaces

Host face-to-face conferences anywhere in the world, in real time, with hologram technology that enables communication with colleagues across varied locations and time zones. Deliver a level of workforce engagement and cooperation that can’t be matched by telephone or video conferencing, while reducing business expenses – with innovative VR/AR/MR solutions.

Deliver industry-leading training

We’ll help you deliver the kind of training that adds genuine value, with dynamic VR/AR and MR-enabled educational programs to support both in-house and distant learning models. Immersive simulations and visualisations allow you to create training environments that are expensive, if not impossible, in the real world. Clients in high-stakes industries like healthcare, construction and manufacturing can gain practical skills at less cost – with lower risk.

What We Do

We use our technological and industry-specific expertise to build custom applications for VR accessories and mobile that enable a flawless VR/AR/MR experience – often without the need for extra hardware.

We’ll conduct exhaustive industry research to define a VR/AR/MR solution that delivers the best value for your business. Our expert R&D team will get to know the ins and outs of your operation, so we can define the tools, models and processes that virtual technologies could enhance.