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Crafting desirable and aesthetic Angular JS solutions to enhance user experience.

Marry your powerful backend with the aesthetic Angular JS which empowers your application with the desired user-experience. It is an open-source framework that allows you to develop user-centric UI, which gives out the right appeal, enticing the end consumer.

Give your UI the desired appeal

Angular 6 will be released with Ivy renderer beta, typescript 2.7 support and package format v6.

Soon enough, you can publish the Angular components as web components, which can be used anywhere by any application

The application size for Angular has reduced majorly with the use of StaticInjection, which was introduced in Angular 5

The new Angular compiler released with Angular 5 supports incremental compilation

The interfaces developed using Angular has standardized the application across browsers, making it experiential for the end customers

Angular JS is compliant with the typescript StrictNullChecks

Angular.js is integral to the MEAN stack, and is often used in this combination to develop the front-end for the applications. The introduction of this framework has allowed the developers to separate the development of client-side and server-side applications, thus accelerating the process of development and deployment of applications. It follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to create feature-rich and highly flexible applications

It follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to create feature-rich and highly flexible applications.

Angular.js is currently used in the top 100 projects listed on Github, speaking volumes about its popularity.

Solution We Develop

  • Real-time and streaming app solutions
  • API development
  • Content management tools
  • Location app solutions
  • IoT-based app solutions
  • Charts & graphs development
  • Plugin development

Interfaces that Interact with Angular.Js

  • Adding new functionality made easy with HTML. You don’t need to simulate them with DOM
  • Easy to maintain and create single page applications
  • Interactive web applications
  • Standardized programming practices
  • Rich user interfaces created
  • Adding/changing properties made easy
  • Easy to manage databases

Know What We Offer

  • Web application development
  • Database migration
  • Angular JS development for server-side technologies
  • AJAX development
  • Interactive App Development

Build Reliable Web Applications With Phoenix Games

  • 100% white label solutions
  • Dedicated team of developers
  • In-depth Node.js expertise
  • Industry experience
  • Flexible engagement
  • 24/7 support
  • Complete maintenance

How We Build Notable Angular.Js Solutions?

We have defined a process towards building highly-functional Angular.js solutions. It all starts with the idea that you approach us with.

  • Conceptualizing the idea
  • Building insights
  • Researching for possibilities
  • Noting the requirements
    • Understand the pain areas
    • What are the possible solutions?
    • What are the needs of the user in this segment?
  • Sketching the solution
  • Designing and development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support