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Space Live Wallpaper enormous distances, never ending journey! Feel the breathtaking adventure of journeying through space and galaxies. Space Live Wallpaper - it's a wonderful app allows you to enjoy the vast expanses of the universe. After all, the universe has always attracted the attention of mankind. Boundless space on the screen of your device

Check out the galaxies far away and worlds from outer space. Amazing colorful planets and bright shiny stars will decorate your smart phone screen in the most beautiful way. Set space wallpaper as your screen saver and start an intergalactic journey you will never forget! 

These wallpapers will bring the entire cosmos to you! With these cool backgrounds you will have your own space shuttle or spaceship and you will travel through the galaxy with this wallpaper! See the full moon pictures and stars in the sky as your background image or as your screen saver. Get it now and decorate your phone screen with wonderful pictures of planets and asteroids! Get closer to the shooting stars flying across the sky with this new "live wallpaper"! Enjoy this Space Live Wallpaper, turn your phone into a space ship and discover the solar system, new galaxies and even fantasy worlds. Travel around the cosmos and explore the entire universe with our space live wallpapers!

How to use:
1. Select your favorite wallpaper with water.
2. Click "Set as Wallpaper" on the bottom of the screen. 

- More than 10 space backgrounds with stars and nebulae
- Realistic galaxies to choose from, adjusting the size and speed of rotation
- Animated asteroids, set the speed, size and density of the flux of asteroids
- The dynamic spark to adjust the size and quantity, choice of color

** Disclaimer
- None of the images and illustrations are hosted on the app. All logos/images/names are copyrights of their owners. No copyright violation & infringement are intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honored.

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