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Play Royal Rummy and get free 1,00,000 Chips.

Rummy is originated from India and is widely played in India. It's also called by Indian Rummy, 13 Card Rummy.

Play Royal Rummy with millions of real users across the world. Feel the thrill of a live rummy anywhere, anytime and with anyone! Download Royal Rummy now and get tons of exciting rewards like chips and gems. Earn lots of free chips for various tasks like daily logins and other awesome events.

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** Features **
• It's Free: Royal Rummy is completely free to play with extra in-app purchases.
• Play With Friends: Play the game with your friends and family to get the real feel and thrill.
• Big Wins: Do you like bigger and bigger? Bet Big to Win Big is the simple rule of Royal Rummy
• Private Table: Switch to private tables and play without interference.
• Chat: Send messages to players and make the game more real.
• Emoji: Enjoy animated emoji for every mood and bang those to other players!
• Smooth: Work flawlessly even in extreme conditions like 2G and 3G.
• Best Experience: Enjoy the live Casino feelings with our Casino themed interface.

** How To Play **
- Royal Rummy is played between 2 to 5 players with 2 decks of 53 cards including the jokers.
- Cards get shuffled, and every player gets 13 cards respectively.
- After cards are dealt, the wild card is revealed by folding the first card of the remaining card (stock pile). All cards with the same rank are called a wild card and are as valuable as jokers.
- After the wild card reveals, One more card folds and put near the stock pile (discard pile) and thus a rummy game starts.
- The first player to act can decide to pick a card from either stock or discard pile.
- The goal of rummy is to form a valid rummy. To make a valid declare, One's card must follow the rules below;
1. Minimum 2 sequences are required from which 1 must be a Pure Sequence (No jokers used).
2. Minimum 3 cards should be in sequence and one should contain at least 4 cards.
3. All 13 cards should be grouped as valid runs (Pure Sequence, Sequence, Set)
- Players can declare rummy by moving the remaining card to the declaration area.
- After a valid declaration, the remaining player's points will be counted, and the amount will be deducted.
- All the collected amount is given to the winner, and the next round starts.

** Design **
- Casino themed user interface for the relative environment.
- Used lighting effect gives you a better visual experience and nostalgic feelings.
- The well-defined design will give you vibes of real time playing.

** Variants **
- The game and its variants are popular in many countries and under various names.
• 13 Cards Rummy
• Indian Rummy
• Indian Cherokee Rummy
• Paplu

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