Roll The Block : Legend Cube Slide Maze Puzzle


Project Info

Roll The Block is a free addictive 3D endless running game with simplistic design. Your task is to avoid obstacles as you run as far as possible. Collect power ups to help you run further. Roll The Block is a very addictive game on Android Market, it is very simple, you have to dodge cubes, using the built-in accelerometer to avoid the many treacherous cubes through your road. 

It has many different levels, you need be more careful. You can choose normal, tunnel, night and day mode. You can check your scores each time from local high scores. You will love this game when you get more supprises! Roll The Block is an addictive and challenging cube roll game. You have to tap accurately to control the cube rolls through our block mazes with various obstacles and deadly trap.

Don’t let anything distract you while you play. It’s important to stay focused to win! Enjoy the colorful game background but focus on your cube character and where it rolls. This cube puzzle is not something you can decipher slowly. You must act fast or the cube character will fall and dies. In game Roll The Block the player needs to react quickly as the cube rolls through an exotic world. 

** Features **

- Play our cube puzzle game for FREE on any Android device.
- Modern and colorful game design that appeals to everyone. 
- Various colorful game universe with different characters. 
- Let you practice your hand-eye coordination and concentration. 
- Tap on the screen accurately to control where the cube rolls. 
- Avoid obstacles and deadly traps. Try to stay alive as long as possible!
- Collect various items for special effects to help you get through the block maze. 
- Collect coins while the cube is rolling to unlock various adorable cubic characters. 
- Fast paced, challenging, and addictive block game for all ages. 
- Keep playing and earn FREE periodical Rewards! 

its a perfect time killer for the fun . Roll The Block is creative , addictive and easy to play .


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Amazing Features

Standlone Application with many smart and rich features.

Intuitive User Interface

Roll The Block contains very intuitive, clean and easily understandable user interface

Unique Gameplay

Roll The Block have very enjoyable gameplay which is perfect for relaxing and time passing

Best Strategy

Roll The Block provides real time simulation which makes your brain more strategic


Robust User Experience

Roll The Block 's fast and responsiveness provides best and robust user experience to users

Revolutionary Mechanism

Roll The Block is based on completely new mechanism which is revolutionary in gaming industry

Realistic Visulizations

Roll The Block 's next generation visualizations binds users and entertains them deeply