Ricochet the whirling Ball : vortex spin 2018


Project Info

Ricochet the whirling Ball is one of the most addictive games in 2018. The aim is to bounce the ball with touching on the screen, and you have to careful because if you hit the blocks, or if you drop you lose! 

Make the best score with breaking the walls and blocks! 

** HOW TO PLAY? **

Simple, just one touch. Tap the screen, jump the ball, break the blocks, do not drop the ball to the floor! And do not hit the not breakable blocks. It jumps from the walls...
Red merged blocks can defeat you. You can restart with flippers. Don't stay idle. Try to win, go to the highest score. From the makers of Rollio and Vudu, Ricochet the whirling Ball is the last game.

** Features **

- One touch play.
- Jump with an arc, easy controls, hard gameplay!
- Chilly playable content.
- Go and reach the highest peak to make amazing scores. 
- One of the best arcade games! 
- Beat your friends.
- Free to play
- Relaxing and interesting
- Challenging
- Flexible control
- Endless game play
- You can play in offline mode
- Play it anywhere and anytime
- Easy to play

You do not have to be a plane to fly, your ball can fly too. Just jump and bounce from the walls. Careful with the blocks. Some of them are breakable, but some of them is your foe. They can break your ball. Ricochet the whirling Ball is an amazing game that you fired up! Flappy games can compete with this game but they can't dunk...

You have the enough power to be a block breaker! Your balls are limited. Shoot the balls carefully! Blop walls, breaker the blocks.Hop hop sounds for jumping, woop for bouncing, ping for hitting, fillr for breaking, and the ping for dropping.

** ABOUT Phoenix Games LLP **

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Amazing Features

Standlone Application with many smart and rich features.

Intuitive User Interface

Ricochet the whirling Ball contains very intuitive, clean and easily understandable user interface

Unique Gameplay

Ricochet the whirling Ball have very enjoyable gameplay which is perfect for relaxing and time passing

Best Strategy

Ricochet the whirling Ball provides real time simulation which makes your brain more strategic


Robust User Experience

Ricochet the whirling Ball's fast and responsiveness provides best and robust user experience to users

Revolutionary Mechanism

Ricochet the whirling Ball is based on completely new mechanism which is revolutionary in gaming industry

Realistic Visulizations

Ricochet the whirling Ball's next generation visualizations binds users and entertains them deeply