Fusion Merged : Match And Merge Puzzle


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Fusion Merged very interesting It’ll take you back to the childhood with very nice graphics design for Classic game. Fusion Merged gets all the charm of the puzzle game simple, fun, attractive and suitable to everybody. It’s very helpful for improving your memory and your reflections Brain games like this one train reaction time, and spatial orientation skills Please try to stack all blocks and achieve the highest score that you can.

Fusion Merged is also a fun and enjoyable game, suitable for playing with family. Have a good time with brick puzzle game. Fusion Merged will never disappoint you! Merge dices numbers Game also makes kids to count and improve some basic math or numeracy skills. For adults it is a funny and addictive number game to train the brain. A good alternative for sudoku, number puzzles, 2048 game or crossword puzzles. 

Note: You might need some patience for solving the game!

** How to play
- Pickup the block
- You can tap to rotate blocks
- Drag and place the block on empty space.
- Place equal or more than three squares of the same number in a horizontal or vertical position to blend them.
- Blending as many squares as possible to get high scores.
- When you match 3 or more six dices, you get a merged dices with letter "P" on it.
- Merge at least 3 "P" dominoes to create a colorful explosion of 3x3 cells to free up space.
- The goal of the game is to place dominoes strategically, merge them, have fun and survive for as long as possible.

** Features
- Endless puzzles are all free !!
- Fresh play automatically connected by simple control.
- Offline Playable(without Internet connection)
- Simple and intuitive design.
- Enjoy no time limits or lives for casual block puzzle action
- Match colors with ease, but try and not fill the entire screen
- Support Leaderboards

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Amazing Features

Standlone Application with many smart and rich features.

Intuitive User Interface

Fusion Merged contains very intuitive, clean and easily understandable user interface

Unique Gameplay

Fusion Merged have very enjoyable gameplay which is perfect for relaxing and time passing

Best Strategy

Fusion Merged provides real time simulation which makes your brain more strategic


Robust User Experience

Fusion Merged's fast and responsiveness provides best and robust user experience to users

Revolutionary Mechanism

Fusion Merged is based on completely new mechanism which is revolutionary in gaming industry

Realistic Visulizations

Fusion Merged's next generation visualizations binds users and entertains them deeply