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You have an android mobile phone but you not personalize your mobile your mobile look is not so pretty so you customize your mobile phone and set this beautiful live wallpaper hd background. It is the best free live wallpaper with animated background so its look like animated background. 

Flowers Live Wallpaper will make you feel like a part of marvelous world of nature and you will fall in love with its stunning colorful background images. Flowers Live Wallpaper will make you feel like a part of marvelous world of nature and you will fall in love with its stunning colorful background images. Let these landscapes inspire you and make you celebrate the awakening of wonderful nature. To enjoy the stunning view of beautiful fresh red roses blooming in the drizzling rain with this amazingly animated Rose in Rain Live Wallpaper. Though the sky is brighter as the sun rises in the morning, the drizzling rain has not yet stopped, and red petals keep falling down from the roses, making the small grassland more attractive. When moving hands above the front-facing light sensor usually put on the right top of the phone, you can even start or stop the rain in a magic way.

Beautiful Flowers 3D live wallpaper is a fantastic live world in your smart devices.You can see some magical scenes in this 3D live wallpaper,such as green clovers, pink flowers,Withered woods,endless of the dark and garden. Especially,many of luminous particles coming from the lilies,and it looks so wonderful!

How to use
1. Select your favorite wallpaper with flowers.
2. Select the flowers that will fall over your screen.
3. Click "Set as Wallpaper" on the bottom of the screen. 

- Flowers live wallpaper is optimized for most android devices. 
- Wallpapers look crisp, HD and are beautiful.
- Animated flowers pictures decorating your screen;
- You can choose from several different Spring background themes.
- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
- The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery.

This fabulous new Flower Live Wallpaper will turn your phone screen into a small beautiful and romantic garden with roses, rain, grassland and sunshine that are no less beautiful than the real ones. Get it now for free and share it with your friends. One great way to reconnect with joy is to surround yourself with simple things that make you feel happy and loved, like a colorful bunch of flowers or a blooming plant. Flowers have power to open hearts, and when your heart is open you are more likely to do things that make you happy...

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