Color Armor : Switch Circle Arcade


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Jump into the orbit and step into the polygonic sphere of Color Armor. Go on a trip and dash at the spinning color wheels.

** How to play

- In front of you is a spinning wall of rings consisting of variously shaped tiles.
- Tap on the screen to shoot balls straight into the core and boom through the circles' rotating Color Armor. Your goal is to hit the protected dot in the center and break the wheel's defense into tiny cubes.
- Some bricks are smashable, while others block your path. Sometimes they also rotation and move to the other side. It's all about your reaction skills.
- No wifi game - perfect for short offline sessions while waiting for the bus!

Classic Mode: The wheels run in a straight rotation path. When you drop the ball, don't crush through the wrong bricks and let the ball glide straight at the dot in the center to land the final swipe, or you die.
Spin Mirror Mode: here comes a twist. After a brick is smashed, the circle waves down its way of rotation to the other side, which can turn out quite problematic, but keep cool!
Termination: Be an archer. To advance you jump from circle to circle. Cool down and focus. After the wheel's line falls short of targets, a new shootable line rolls out.
Go Round: In this mode the ball follows the rules of orbital gravity and spheres around the other rotating wheels in and endless loop. After tapping, the ball hops at the tile and bounces back to its orbit

** Game Features

- Simple tap controls and easy to play color game
- Amazing music and intense sound effects
- Level game modes and number of obstacles is infinite
- Impressive color's patterns, Easy to play, hard to master
- Simple and addictive gameplay
- no wifi games, free color games
- Infinite fun through addictive gameplay
- Escape into the Arcade with 4 amazing game modes
- Slowly shrinking gap to hardcoreness, but never impossible
- No wifi game; play offline anywhere

Color Armor is a one touch arcade and addicting games top games where you must press a color and play color jump ball in surface tapball colours and you must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it color arcade
Your goal is simple must Tap the color ball to hop hop carefully through each obstacle and your ball will color change and complete your way to collect the largest number of stars The challenge of the game is that the obstacles are moving and the ball is hop and change color ball, and as we’ve come to expect from these types of high score chasers, though the gameplay may be simple color focus 2 color balls.
Be careful not to pass through the wrong color play or you’ll have to start again balls game new games colo.

Have a great and enjoyably each time with most popular games for free Color Armor and Download now on your device Share this best games 2k18 colorful free games color ball game Color Armor and challenge your friends, Comments , suggestions or bug reports are all welcome !

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Amazing Features

Standlone Application with many smart and rich features.

Intuitive User Interface

Color Armor contains very intuitive, clean and easily understandable user interface

Unique Gameplay

Color Armor have very enjoyable gameplay which is perfect for relaxing and time passing

Best Strategy

Color Armor provides real time simulation which makes your brain more strategic


Robust User Experience

Color Armor's fast and responsiveness provides best and robust user experience to users

Revolutionary Mechanism

Color Armor is based on completely new mechanism which is revolutionary in gaming industry

Realistic Visulizations

Color Armor's next generation visualizations binds users and entertains them deeply