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Project Info

We are proudly presenting the most gorgeous "Clock Live Wallpaper". Just look at the beautiful and elegant design of this digital clock... It creates a wonderful atmosphere able to make you stare and contemplate your screen at infinity. You will have a digital time widget and a blurred nature scenery forming an astonishing space-time combination. Even if it is a free live wallpaper, the clock comes in a form of a "clock for home screen" because you can set its position and also its size from the settings menu. It will run smoothly and will bring you that stupefying feeling of relaxing time passing by. a marvelous digital clock with an absurdly wonderful elegance. 

How to use:
To select this Wallpaper, Long Press the Home Screen > Choose Live wallpaper > and select this application > Click "Set as Wallpaper".

Wallpaper showing a clock made ​​in 3D technology with the most common mobile devices graphics library. The watch is an interactive wallpaper she follows the movement of the finger across the screen, which causes it to rotate in space. At the same time clock performs smooth rotational movements that exacerbate the effect of animation.

** Features
- selection of the clock face,
- selection of wall texture,
- 5+ Analog Clock to choose from
- real dynamic 3D animations in aquarium theme .
- Backgrounds and foregrounds let you to create different aquarium , photo-realistic coral reef , 

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